Jun 14, 2013

Walked 3.54 Miles - West Hills of Brooklyn


Today I walked in the West Hills of Brooklyn. It was a cool morning and luckily it stayed dry. I pass these flowers on the way to the bus stop each morning. I kept making a mental note to take a picture on my next walk. I finally remembered several walks later. 


Little baby pears




This house had 6 cats! That's the most I've even seen at one place. They all seemed a bit freaked, so my grand idea of getting them all into one shot didn't work so well.


Our community garden has a new path! It's hard to imagine that almost a year ago, we were in the field watching fire works. It has changed so much since then and it's great to see this space continue to grow.










My neighbor has a huge raspberry bush. I was so tempted to eat a few while taking pictures.

Jun 09, 2013

Walked 5.07 Miles - Oaks Bottom


Greg and I had such a nice hike last weekend, that we decided to do it again. The only change we made was to do it in reverse. We walked down the main Oaks Bottom path to the Springwater Corridor and then took the Oaks Bottom trail home. This view just doesn't get old. A look-out deck makes this the perfect place to stop and take in the view.


I've posted a picture of this street art previously.


This gem is several feet away from the first piece. I've never noticed it before. Greg pointed it out to me.



More animals stencils where Oaks Bottom tees into the Springwater Corridor. So cool! I hope this animal series continues. I'm sure it's the same artist who created the chimpanzees a few weeks ago.


So very random. Greg carried it home to see if there is anything interesting on it. At the very least, it's one less piece of litter.




I've never seen prayer flags on a vehicle before.


Jun 08, 2013

Walked 2.17 Miles - Holgate and Rhine MAX Stations


Greg and I walked with our neighbors and city planners through Brooklyn to discuss the new MAX stations that will be at Holgate and also at Rhine. 


We met at the Brooklyn park and it was a beautiful morning to walk. City planners and Trimet were on hand to listen to our concerns and ideas. They wanted our feedback on how traffic should flow and how to improve the neighborhood after MAX is here. 


There were probably about 20 of us total which is a good size for this kind of discussion. It was fun walking with a gaggle of other folks.


The most exciting thing I learned is that the railroad will replace the super scary Lafayette pedestrian bridge! Greg and I were giddy when we heard this. We had been told that no repairs were going to be made and that it would remain as is. I no longer use this bridge, because it is so rickety that it sways when you walk on it. It also has holes in the wooden boards, so you have to be very careful where you step when crossing. We learned the new bridge will have elevators to accommodate bikes. This makes so much sense since the Fred Meyer corporate offices are on the other side of this bridge. Now, thousands of their employees will have quick and easy passage to the MAX line.


Soon there will be a walk just like this one to discuss the stations at Clinton and OMSI. We are hoping we can attend that walk too. Such fascinating stuff!

Jun 06, 2013

Walked 3.00 Miles - To SE 31st


I didn't work today, so I decided to walk early to beat the heat. I almost stayed in bed with my cuddly kittens, but I got up and was walking by 7:15am. I'm so glad I did. It was cool, but by the end I was still a sweaty mess. The early morning light was really incredible. I need to walk more at this hour. I headed over the Gideon pedestrian bridge and up Taggart to 31st. It's been awhile since I've headed east and it was a good reminder that I need to walk in this area more.


This kind of graffiti makes me sad. So pointless. I hope someone is able to repair Paul Bunyan. Previously, someone had drawn a swastika on his cheek, but luckily it was small and someone painted over it quickly. This is a much harder fix. The skate park is such a wonderful space and it's maddening to see this kind of disrespect. 


I want a pin pong table in my street.


Gnome Chomsky in the wild! I was all kinds of giddy seeing this. I've coveted this statue at Powell's for many years. I've never seen one in a yard before. Very cool. 


An entire block covered in rose petals. It looked magical.



Bachelor Buttons always makes me think of my mom. They are her favorite.



I stopped at one of my favorite houses and spent a couple of minutes hanging out with the chickens.



Jun 04, 2013

Walked 3.35 Miles - West Hills of Brooklyn


Today I headed to the West Hills of Brooklyn. It was hot and I didn't want to deal with long waits for lights to change or construction all in very sunny, exposed areas. So I stayed closer to home and went looking for shade, often crossing the street several times to be in it.  





Several intersections were marked up with the street names and years also marked. It looks like they will push the sidewalks out more? Or  make things ADA accessible? I'm not really sure. I am curious about the need for such work on sidewalks that are in good shape and are pretty old (1912 mostly). I hope we don't lose the super cool metal rails that protect some of these sidewalks. Such great history.


I dig the bright light green of new growth.

Jun 02, 2013

Walked 5.06 Miles - Oaks Bottom


Greg and I got up and headed to Oaks Bottom. We definitely wanted to walk while it was still cool. We thought the Oaks Bottom 5k would be just perfect.



Once we got halfway down the path, I saw the trail to the left. I've always wanted to go that way, but being a girl alone wearing headphones I choose to stay on paved paths that are well traveled. With Greg by my side, we headed that direction and it was really incredible to see this part of the park. 





The woods ended and we crossed through this meadow. From here we gained access to the Springwater Corridor at Oaks Park. 


So much pollen everywhere! This puff mirrors the clouds in the sky.


The walk ended up longer than we had anticipated, but it was a great change of pace. We even saw 6 blue herons together in a line as we walked along the Springwater Corridor. What a wonderful way to spend the morning.

May 31, 2013

Walked 4.37 Miles - To Morrison


I don't usually work on Fridays, but I did have to work a half day today. The weather was pretty much perfect this morning and I impatiently counted the minutes until I was free and able to walk.


I dropped off 10 more books at the small lending library on 14th and Clinton. I was surprised to see it empty. Even the book by Ross Perot had been taken.


From there, I decided to walk over to Maitripa College. I saw the Dali Lama speak less than a month before on my birthday. As I walked around this building, it was nice to reflect on that amazing day. Once I realized that I was only about 8 blocks from the goats, I had to walk over to see them.



The minute I cross Hawthorne, I'm immediately on the look out for Kanye stickers. I found this gem on Morrison.



After I took this picture, I walked around the corner to the windows in the background.


And took this. I can't decide which one I like better.


As I took this picture, I realized that today's unintentional theme was buildings and the sky above them. Probably because the sky and clouds were so gorgeous that I spent the majority of the time looking up. I kept high stepping my steps to avoid tripping since I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm sure I made quite a sight.



I haven't seen these signs before. Having goats here is a good thing. I really hoping they will be here for years to come.


I got to pet this little baby since she was laying so close to the fence. While I was petting her, a dude with a dog also stopped. The dog and goat were nose to nose sniffing each other and neither one seemed to mind. 



Another picture of a building with the actual building behind it. This drawing of New Seasons is more informal than the other ones I've seen. I do love the addition of the cat on a skateboard.


I passed these flowers when I was carrying books to the lending library. I made a mental note to get a picture on the return trip home. I was pleasantly surprised to find the bush covered in bees. 


I've posted a picture of this cat before. Today she wouldn't stop rolling over. She rolled it over at least 5 times while I visited her.


May 30, 2013

Walked 3.32 Miles


Today was a perfect walking weather day for me. It started off sunny and warm, but then a storm moved in and I ended my walk in cool light rain. So refreshing. I headed up to the West Hills of Brooklyn and just took the time to enjoy my surroundings. 


Before heading west, I checked out the progress of the Milwaukie-Portland max line. I'd spent Memorial Day in Ashland and it was exciting to see changes on 17th. It looks like they are getting ready to put a sidewalk in next to the new road. 


This is on 17th right where I turn to get to my house. I smile whenever I see it. I like the positive outlook.



A year ago, I would have never walked along McLoughlin. Today I decided to check it out since it's a stretch of sidewalk I hadn't covered yet. It was wild walking past cars that were at a stand still. It makes me appreciate my commute to work which on a bad day is all of 5 minutes long. You can see the storm rolling in over downtown Portland.


My walk was full of friendly cats. This little guy tried to follow me, but luckily I was able to shake him after a couple of house.



The first strawberries of the year! Last year, I only saw a few the entire season. Today, I saw several more patches as I continued walking. I hope to see more. They are my favorite fruit.


This might be my favorite neighborhood cat picture yet. She rolled over right as I was taking the picture. I love how content she looks.


Also, first artichoke of the year.


May 20, 2013

Walked 3.23 Miles - Ladd's Addition


Today I walked with a purpose. Ever since I saw the small lending library less than a mile from my house on Clinton, I've wanted to leave some books there. Today I finally rounded up some books and headed that way. It was a very cool morning and I almost brought a jacket. I'm glad I didn't, because after a few minutes of walking I was plenty warm. It was kind of awkward walking with a bag of books and I didn't take any pictures before reaching my destination.


I left 10 books and I'm so glad I did. There were only a few books here when I arrived and one was by Ross Perot. I want to bring more books the  next time I head this direction. I think this is such a brilliant idea and I want to help it grow.



I spent some time in the South and East rose gardens in Ladd's Addition. I love seeing this many roses in bloom. What a wonderful asset to the community. Some of these roses were planted in the late 1970's.


These benches are so peaceful and I see them in use a lot. 


Underneath the bench was this plaque. "Find courage, gaiety and the quiet mind." 





I was walking down an alley and heard some squawking. I turned and these chickens were staring at me. They have a window to the outside world. I peeked into their space and they had luxurious digs.




This cat ran down her front porch steps to greet me. I didn't think I'd get a picture, because she wouldn't stop pacing in front of my feet. Finally she stopped for a few seconds. Such a beauty.


The Gideon pedestrian bridge looked festive today.


May 19, 2013

A Stroll Along Moolack Beach


Greg and I spent the weekend in Newport. On Friday, we walked along Nye Beach and watched the sunset. On Sunday before heading for home, we stopped at Moolack Beach and walked for a couple of hours. 


The day was just gorgeous. We couldn't have asked for better weather. I'm not exactly sure how far we walked, but it was probably about 3 miles. We headed towards the Yaquina Head lighthouse. This beautiful lighthouse has been in operation since 1873 and is the most visited lighthouse in Oregon. Everyone should visit the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. That title is no exaggeration. 


I like this beach, because you can find fossils. They seem to be everywhere you look. There is something new to see with every step.


Tide pools are spread out along the beach making it very easy to walk around the rocks to see all the different sea life. 



We are blessed that all of the beaches (383 miles) in Oregon are public land. This was established in 1913 when legislature declared the beaches from Washington to California a state highway. This saved the land from privatization and allowed communities to grow. Challenged in 1966 by a motel owner who started fencing the beach, Tom McCall advocated for and voters passed the landmark Beach Bill which keeps Oregon beaches open to the pubic still today. I am grateful for our progressive Oregon forefathers. Folk also had the foresight to buy public land along highway 101 when it was being built. Because of this, there are 36 state parks - an average of 1 every 10 miles - showcasing the extreme coastal beauty of our state. Oregon never ceases to amaze me.